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Delegate Registration

Experience international diplomacy like never before.

BrisMUN ’18 Delegates will roleplay diplomats, politicians, journalists, and dozens of other influential world actors across four days of incredible debate and negotiation. From delivering speeches in our simulated UN chambers, to pressing backroom negotiations and frantically writing new legislation, you won’t just learn about global politics — you’ll practice it. (Alternatively, apply as a Crisis Hub member, and help rewrite the events of Caesar’s Civil War!) All participants will also receive world-class training, gain access to our networking event, and attend four amazing social events to meet other future leaders.

Whether you want to change the world or just gain valuable skills and new friends… BrisMUN ’18 is your opportunity of a lifetime.

Delegate and Crisis Hub applications are open now! (Make sure you have read our committee topics and looked at our position matrix first!)

For more info about the registration process, check out our FAQs.

Director Registration

Are you up for the challenge of leading a committee?

BrisMUN Directors are the core of our conference experience, responsible for guiding delegates through four days of intense debate and negotiation. As a Director, you will have to find creative ways to keep your committee productive, respectful, and thoroughly entertained… all while enforcing and respecting the Rules of Procedure. If you think you’re up to the task, you’ll rarely find one more rewarding or educational.

Director applications are now closed.

Secretariat Registration

Want to be part of the BrisMUN ’18 team?

The BrisMUN Secretariat are the chief organisers behind the conference, and make this incredible experience possible each year. Being a member of the Secretariat is a big responsibility and time commitment, but also an unparalleled learning experience – you’ll work with a committed and visionary team to deliver Australia’s highest quality diplomacy simulation, and learn exactly what it takes to put on such a massive and complete event.

Secretariat applications are now closed.

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