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What to Expect

At this year’s BrisMUN, we’re focused on bringing you committee dynamics you can’t find anywhere else in Australia; from our record-breaking 70-member General Assembly, to our specialist legal committee that will step beyond normal UN rules of procedure, to innovative dynamics that will turn press and observing members into shaping forces of the conference (rather than just outside spectators)… we guarantee you’ve never seen a conference like this one.

These bold new committee structures are paired with daily training workshops of unprecedented scope – whether you’re a budding orator who just needs to be brought up to speed on Model UN, or an already advanced negotiator looking for further insight into social dynamics, there will be workshops to fit your needs. BrisMUN ’18 won’t just bring you incredible diplomacy simulations; we’ll help you understand the hidden psychological and international machinery at play behind them, for a deeper experience than ever before.

All committees have now had their topic selected by directors. You may view our original topic shortlist (offered to the Directors) here.

Start scoping out each committee below, view our position matrix to see what’s still available, then head on over to Registration to join the conference of a lifetime!

The General Assembly is the UN’s largest policymaking and representative body – and we’re restoring it to its rightful status. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to debate the world’s toughest and broadest issues, not just against other nations, but also against a fellow diplomat representing the same country. This year’s GA will be the ultimate test of diplomacy, and whether you can find consensus both abroad and at home.

Topic: The ethics of artificial intelligence, enhanced supersoldiers, and animal sentience

Delegates: 70 (Double Delegate)

Briefing Paper: Click here.

The Security Council is the UN’s premiere security body, famed for its clear geopolitical emphasis and the veto rights assigned to its five Permanent Members. On this stage, the world’s great powers debate and authorise military action, establishment of sanctions, and amendments to the UN Charter. With such enormous power to shape the world concentrated in so few hands, the Security Council is high stakes diplomacy at its best.

Topic: The situation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Delegates: 17 (Single Delegate)

Briefing Paper: Click here.

Of all the UN’s six major bodies, the Economic and Social Council has possibly the toughest job over the next century – shaping the very foundations of civilization in a barely predictable world, that is potentially hurtling towards inevitable technological and ecological crises. This committee’s ideology by consensus will shape the world for centuries to come… a prime opportunity to make your mark.

Topic: Addressing the depletion, renewal, and ethics of vital global resources

Delegates: 40 (Single Delegate)

Briefing Paper: Click here.

All society is fundamentally built on the rule of law, and those who understand and shape it therefore wield enormous influence. Our legal committee will be built around a single, specific case for you to unpack over the entire conference. For those willing to wade through fascinating technicalities and legislative challenges to build a winning case – this will be the rewarding experience you demand.

Topic: The Nuremberg Trials

Delegates: 16 (Single Delegate)

Briefing Paper: Click here.

Some prior legal education is strongly recommended for this committee.

The world does not always rest on its laurels and wait for diplomats to publish their tidy documents – it is messy, and fast-changing, and demands immediate respose. In our dual-cabinet crisis council, you’ll be forced to make snap decisions on limited information, and defend your interests… not just as a nation or organisation, but ultimately, as the individual you will roleplay as.

Topic: Caesar’s Civil War

Delegates: 20 (Single Delegate, Dual Cabinet)

Briefing Paper: Click here.

Press & Observers

Despite what media coverage would imply, politicians and diplomats are a minority on this planet. Our lives are shaped not just by government, but also by corporations, journalists, charities, activists, and others of equally powerful stature. BrisMUN ’18 promises to reflect this reality – our press and observers won’t just report on the other committees… they will actively shape world events in the process.

Topic: This is a roaming committee, that will cover all conference topics

Delegates: 30 (Single Delegate)