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Why sponsor BrisMUN?

Develop tomorrow’s leaders

BrisMUN encourages students to listen, negotiate, and work with each other, helping develop them into Australia’s future leaders.

Get your brand noticed by students

BrisMUN promotes you to 200+ delegates and 2,700+ FB followers, with the positive association of sponsoring activities they love.

Grow local tourism

BrisMUN attracts students from all over Queensland and Australia to beautiful Brisbane City, bolstering its tourism and reputation.

Promote student extracurriculars

BrisMUN is many students’ first step into Model UN and oratory, which gets them involved in their university’s related student clubs.

Meet your next workforce

BrisMUN Gold Sponsors will be invited to our networking event, to directly influence upcoming graduates and employees.

Help bring the world together

BrisMUN gets students to consider international issues and perspectives, preparing them for life in a globalised community.

Support vital skills training

BrisMUN will host multiple training sessions on negotiation, public speaking, and solution building – vital skills for an uncertain future.

Show off product samples

BrisMUN Gold Sponsors may include a small gift or product sample in delegate goodie bags – helping them reach their target markets.

Sponsorship opportunities

Platinum Sponsors

$4,000+ donation

  • All Gold and Silver benefits
  • Logo placement on Facebook cover photo
  • Logo placement on website Home page
  • Logo placement on all emails to delegates
  • Individual Facebook post of thanks
  • Speaking time at Opening or Closing Ceremony
  • A5 printed advertisement in delegate booklets
  • Sit-down meeting to discuss integration into the conference

Gold Sponsors

$1,500+ donation

  • All Silver benefits
  • Logo placement on delegate placards
  • Logo placement on delegate lanyards
  • Logo placement on website About page
  • Collective Facebook post of thanks
  • Special thanks at Opening and Closing Ceremony
  • May include gift in delegate bags (e.g. pens, USBs)
  • Direct invite to BrisMUN networking event

Silver Sponsors

$300+ donation

  • Logo placement on website Sponsors page
  • A5 pamphlet or business card in all delegate bags
  • Added to special thanks list in delegate booklets
  • Framed certificate of community activity sponsorship

Partner Sponsors

Other donations

  • Donations of goods, services, or discounts for delegates will have an individual sponsorship deal negotiated in a sit-down meeting with the Secretariat

For all sponsorship opportunities or more information, contact secgen@brismun18.com.

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